Configuration Setup Fee Monthly Fee
400K Download 128 Upload See Below $28.99
768K Download 256K Upload See Below $43.99
1.5MB Download 512K Upload See Below $59.99
3MB Download 768K Upload See Below $89.99
Extra Services    
PC Repair/Virus Removal/Popup Removal $65.00 Minimum Charge  
Network Consulting $55.00/Hr - Minimum $200.00  
Website Consulting $65.00/Hr - Minimum $200.00  
Relocation Charge $50.00  
Installation fees can vary.  The general installation charge very from $149 to $299.  Installation fee could be higher or lower, depending on proximity to our antenna's.  We will be more than happy to do a site survey (at no charge).  Just give us a call

*Rated speeds are up to speeds and are not guaranteed.  Many factors can lower your internet speed.  Please call for more information.



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